December Giveaway! Time to Stomp!

Just like it’s no doubt happening in your life, December is our last, manic push to the finish line.  Our last big hurrah before 2012.  Things are crazy.  Mumford & Sons is getting nominated for Grammys and we still want to raise $1000.00 for Invisible Children.  We’re currently at $420.00.  So that means we need more help, more outreach, and definitely more contests and we, hope, more fun. 

So on top of another hoodie contest for a random donor and another reblogging, signal boosting, go tell it on the mountain frenzy contest for a SNM: Deluxe (both brought to you once again by M & S Blog), we’re holding an impromptu silent auction.  The highest donor in December wins originals of these really beautiful drawings of the band at the bottom of this post.  Let us know if you think they should be separated for four winners and we’ll consider it. The pictures, not the band.  Perish the thought.

Thanks to artfortheroad for such a generous and lovely gift for our donors. You are so talented. Check out her tumblr for more of her amazing art of the band. And of course: put in your donation and keep checking the donation list to make sure you win.

We’re also VERY open to input, ideas for 2012 fundraising drives, further donations for prizes.  Ask box me or send an email to