November Giveaway: Part Deux

So the very lovely Jennifer from has offered up some extra incentives to help give our first campaign a boost. 

Now, thanks to her, donors will be entered for a chance to win one of the awesome hoodies featured on the store.  One of the ones that would make winter pretty folking cozy.  We will continue the likes/follows/reblogs for the chance to win the Sigh No More Deluxe CD, but the hoodie will only be for donors.  You can donate by clicking here. There is no minimum donation and if you can’t donate the $10.00 Crowdrise minimum, but want to contribute - go to to donate directly and forward your receipt.  We’ll add you to the list and getcha entered.  

This is a chance for us to do something so beneficial collectively as Mumford and Sons fans in appreciation of all that they’ve done for us (which is sometimes beyond words.)  Check out early posts on the blog for info on Invisible Children, contact info, and other stuff. 

Thanks again to Jennifer - who runs one of the best M & S tumblrs out there and if you’re not following her, you’re missing out.  Her generosity is inspiring for this whole community.  Please drop her an ask and tell her thank you for doing this! And thank you to everyone for participating.  You have ownership in this crazy thing and your thoughts and feelings will steer it where it needs to go.